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Is your team struggling with creative block?

Tired of waiting on ideas to strike? Unsure of where to start with a new brief? A simple project could take weeks instead of hours. 

I guide you through a system that helps your team generate ideas consistently.

Is your team struggling with clarity?

When we don’t have clear communication, a simple decision can taking up valuable time. The decisions we make directly effect the productivity and outcome of our businesses. 

I teach visual thinking as a system to make decision making easy.

Do you need to motivate your team?                        

Is your team feeling stuck? Finding your why to clarify vision and direction. 

Content Creation
Looking to maximise social media? How can we tell engaging stories that connect you with your audience? 

I teach a system to develop content to help grow your audience.

I can also tailor workshops for specific challenges your team is facing


Or perhaps you are a struggling creative looking to clarify your path. As someone who has made creativity a way of life I would love to chat to you and see if I can help you.

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Unlock Creative Block workshop

Unlock Creative Block

Tired of waiting for ideas to strike? Is it taking too long to develop a single idea? 

As a creative one of the big hurdles we can face at times is creative block. There is nothing worse than prepping your desk and sitting down ready to work and then blank all you hear is the rustling of the leaves.

OBJECTIVE: This workshop walks you through four exercises that will help create the channel of least resistance using a non linear path to generate ideas.

Four key principles are applied; Data: which is immersion in research and inspiration. Dotswhere we search for connections with our conscious minds. Distractions: allowing space for the idea to incubate and lastly Do: putting what’s learned into action.

OUTCOME: Learn a system to repeatedly generate ideas


Visual Thinking

Decision making is tough, the wrong choice could yield low results. How can we create a system that allows for clear communication, resulting in easy decision making?

Drawing is one of the earliest primal skills we learned. It has the ability to communicate a story through a visual language. The act of drawing to remember or to tell a tale goes back to our ancestors leaving a mark in the caves they inhabited, the act is very intimate and intuitive.

OBJECTIVE: This workshop walks you through five exercises that will help you understand how visual thinking can be used to communicate better. 

Visual thinking combines our three key ways of communicating spoken language, the written language and the visual language. Using this system will allow for three outcomes: Gaining undivided AttentionSimplifying data to gain ComprehensionCreating visual cues to maintain Retention.

OUTCOME: Learn a system that allows for easy decision making.

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