Coke x Chacko

Coca-Cola is creating a stage activation at Longitude this year called Coke Studios and reached out to collaborate with me to bring the stage to life!

They have committed to diversity and sustainability in their activation and have selected a line-up of fast up & coming Irish artists whose music is energetic & pop fuelled in line with Coke’s fun and accessible music ethos.

The challege was for me to create a large illustration that for the stage screens that could be repurposed for merch and printed on the bottle structure that would then be animation by the Verve creative team. Part of this challenge was to encapsulate the sense of joy and vibrancy to match the vibe of the playful tenacious nature of Longitude.

I did this by creating a collage of playful urban edgy style characters that will look great moving and static. Bringing a feeling of dynamic vibrance that will resonate with its core demographic.

It was bright, colorful, and vibrant!
There are lots of elements be moved from the characters expressions to the various floating shapes can be shifted up and down. The whole illustation can also be panned back and forth to see all the various elements as well.