Everybody Feel Fear


Comes with a poster and some stickers.

This bold and beautiful picture book encourages kids to laugh at their fears and realize that we all feel fear some of the time. Its bright, colourful illustrations and quirky text combine to captivate kids. The central idea of the book is to help children talk about, relate to and laugh about their own fears. It lets kids know that not only is it OK to be afraid, but that everyone feels much the same at least some of the time! Always with a light touch, it shows kids that being brave is not about never feeling fear, but about being able to move forward through the fear. This funny and lovely book has the positive message that we are all in this together, no matter what, whoever we are, and wherever we are. Adults, as well as kids, can take something valuable away from this insightful book. Featured in the Sunday Times as top 50 books to buy this Christmas. Shortlisted for the IDI Illustration Awards

Hardback | Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd

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