Wonder Fest 2020

Join Ashwin for this live creative art and story workshop based around his book What Wondrous Shapes. We are delighted that Ashwin is sharing his colourful, eye-catching art, and his unique talent with children all over Ireland for Wonderfest. Ashwin will talk about his work as an illustrator and designer and share his book with you. He will then show a specially created video about how to create your own characters and animals from shapes. After you have created your own characters, Ashwin will answer your questions about his book and about his work as a designer and illustrator. 

Get ready! You’ll need scissors, coloured paper, white paper, and markers or colouring pencils – and it’s a good idea to prepare questions before the event with your pupils. Later, why not photograph the children’s artwork and send it to the Wonderfest team? We’d love to share it in our online gallery!

A live, interactive event, delivered digitally via your own whiteboard.